Marietta’s Stanley releases great new single, ‘Folks in Alabaster’

The song is now available for streaming and downloading on major music services.


Country music fans now have a new song they can add to their list of favorites, and it’s from a local artist, no less.

Marietta product Chance Stanley released his newest single, “Folks in Alabaster” this week. The light and rolling tune can be streamed or downloaded on all major music distributors, such as AppleMusic, YouTube Music and Spotify, and should soon be heard on area radio stations. The song is the latest release from Stanley, who broke onto the music scene a couple of years ago with the song and music video, “Crosstie Town,” which was an ode to growing up in Marietta.

This time, though, Stanley had a little different inspiration for “Alabaster.”

“The song was born from being on the road and witnessing some really horrible drivers,” Stanley said. “The story within the song kind of weaved it’s own way in. I wrote the song, but my producer, Billy Hume, really shaped the direction of the song. I started recording ‘Folks in Alabaster’ on May 18th, so I’ve been looking forward to this release for a hot minute.”

Stanley sings the primary vocals on the song, while his friend and touring mate, Pistol Hill, same the harmonies. Justin Clyde Williams, who Stanley describes as an incredible singer/songwriter from North Carolina, played lead guitar. 

Stanley started recording the song in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which added twists to getting the song produced. The closures of businesses and then limited seating in many restaurants and venues after they reopened has limited his abilities to play in front of live crowds.

“The virus affected touring for a long time,” Stanley said. “I was off the road for almost four months. In saying that, I wrote a lot of songs during the break. Now, we are actually already back on the road.”

“Alabaster” gives Stanley an opportunity to tell listeners, “here I am, here is my sound now.” He said. “I’m so excited for this. This one feels different because I really feel like I’ve matured as an artist. I’ve been touring 20-plus states a year, and I feel like it has really impacted my writing. I’m really ready for folks in hear it.”

You can catch Stanley live on “The Hillbillies and Guitars Roadshow” with Pistol Hill, and keep up with them on Facebook.