Baldwyn Schools to resume child food services, distance learning


Baldwyn School District plans to resume offering Grab and Go Meals to children under 18 along with distance learning packets on Monday, April 27.

The district had recently halted all services due to Governor Tate Reeve’s shelter in place order and the threat of the peak of COVID-19 in our state during the past weeks.

“We know that this time has been hard on all families in some capacity. We are excited to be able to offer food services to our students again to help make sure they have access to nutritious meals and are staying healthy,” Baldwyn Schools Nutrition Director Brittni Buchanan noted. 

Beginning Monday, parents and students can pick up Grab and Go Meals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The location of pick-up has changed to the BHS cafeteria instead of the BHS gym. Distance learning packets for student work through May 18 will also be available for pick during these times.

Distance learning has been continued on Google Classroom since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. However, it is understood that not all students and teachers have internet access at home. New paper packets of student work will begin on Monday. 

Families picking up meals or distance learning packets should follow the same guidelines and instructions for pick up as previous services at the BHS gym, except pick up will be at the BHS cafeteria. 

“Safety of our students and staff is always our number one concern. We are doing the best we can to service our students during this difficult time. We appreciate our school board and administration working diligently daily to provide services to our staff and students,” Superintendent Jason McKay said. 

Please help us continue to make sure everyone’s health is our number one concern by following CDC recommended social distancing and sanitation during food service pick up times. 

Instructions for food service pick up: 

1. Enter the BHS auditorium/cafeteria parking lot from Highway 145/Fourth Street (near the flashing sign).

2. Stay in your vehicle at all times. 

3. Car line will form for pick up at BHS cafeteria main entrance. 

4. Child(ren) must be present for a staff person to approach vehicle and take a count, and then they bring food to vehicle. Meals will be provided per child. (Please inform a staff member of your child’s teacher name and grade for distance learning packets.)

5. Cones will direct exiting instructions.

NOTE: We appreciate all the help and support during this time, but we will not need any volunteers for these services. We want to keep the health and safety of our employees and students a priority by operating with minimum staff.