Baldwyn Schools Superintendent issues statement on finishing school year at home


Dear Parents and Families of Baldwyn School District: 

On Tuesday, April 14 Governor Tate Reeves ordered all schools to continue to be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year which ends in May. 

Governor Reeves’ recent decision has helped us have clarity on how we can end this school year and begin making plans for the new school year this fall. We appreciate our governor and legislature being proactive and making hard decisions for our school district during this time. Their decisions have made it easier for our school district to determine the best plans and resources for our staff and students. 

It has been a challenging time for all and will continue to be challenging. Our school board and administration is being proactive and discussing plans daily that we can implement to bridge the gap for those students who have limited to no internet access. We want distance learning to continue and be even better than it was when it began. We are trying our best to eliminate any learning challenges for our students in hopes for them to continue learning through the remainder of the school year. 

One of the most concerned areas of thought has been toward graduation services for the BHS class of 2020. We as a district understand the significance of a graduation ceremony for each graduate. We are discussing many options for our seniors to be rewarded and recognized during this major milestone time in their lives. However, many of our decisions are being dictated by the COVID-19 threat and mandates throughout the country. Our community is already reaching out and offering support to provide what we can to recognize our seniors. As soon as the COVID-19 threat can be better assessed, Baldwyn School District will do something for our Class of 2020 to honor their hardwork and success. We pray that circumstances will change for the better to allow our district and community to do everything we can to recognize our seniors.

More information on distance learning, education paper packets, food services, and more will be announced at a later time pending the shelter in place order for our state. 

Through any crisis such as this, we are always looking for ways to be better. I feel very confident that once this is over Baldwyn School District will be stronger and better than before. Thank you to our school board, administration, teachers, staff, parents, students, and community for being supportive and cooperative during this crisis.

Best regards and continued prayers for safety,

– Superintendent Jason McKay