Baldwyn School District to offer food services, continue education amid COVID-19 crisis

The Baldwyn School District Board will make plans official on Wednesday, March 18, after meeting, and details of food services and continuing education will be released at that time.


Baldwyn School District may have closed its doors at this time of concern for the COVID-19 epidemic, but the administration and the board members are working diligently daily to devise plans for the health, safety, and education of its staff and students. 

Superintendent Jason McKay is meeting today with District Nutrition Director Brittni Buchanan to organize plans to offer food to students through the unexpected times ahead. Currently, Baldwyn School District is closed March 16-20, and advisements from government and medical organizations are looking to extend those closure times.

“Although we are dealing with many unknowns at this time, the health and safety of our students comes first as always. Our community can rest assured that our school board and administration has our students on our minds and hearts very heavily right now,” McKay said. “We have met multiple times already since the COVID-19 outbreak crisis began, and we will continue to meet to make decisions on a day-to-day basis to assess and decide what is best for our students during this time.”

Buchanan is in the process of working with the state departments to be able to offer food services to our students as soon as possible.

“We don’t know the details of the plan yet, but we want to be able to offer our students food access during their time at home. We want students to stay healthy, and any attempts to provide food services to them during this time will be sought out and offered,” Buchanan said.

Prior to officially closing the school district for this week, Superintendent McKay and the board members were determined to stay ahead of the medical warnings. Cleaning supplies such as Lysol and hand-sanitizer and more were ordered and stocked in each classroom.

“I want to commend Mr. Mike Underwood for his hard work during our Spring Break week. He organized the ordering of supplies, stocking of supplies, and cleaning efforts prior to the return the school after the traditional Spring Break session,” Superintendent McKay added.

McKay also wants parents and families to be aware that they are discussing ways to continue to educate students from home. The Baldwyn School District Board will make these plans official tomorrow after meeting. Details of food services and continuing education will be released after the meeting.