Baldwyn Schools to conduct mock lockdown drill Sept. 5


Baldwyn Schools will be on lockdown Thursday, Sept. 5 as part of a planned drill to test the district’s emergency preparedness. From the Baldwyn School District late Wednesday:

“Tomorrow Baldwyn School District will be conducting a lock down drill simulation with the Baldwyn Police Department. It will start after 8 am and is expected to be completed by 10 am. We wanted to communicate this so when parents and the community see multiple police cars at our school campuses between those times (on Thursday, Sept. 5), they will not panic and start rumors that a conflict is actually occurring.

“We are scheduling this drill to test our current safety measures and insure we have all safety precautions in place that are in our control. We will be sending out an AIMS all-call message to parents in the morning to notify them also. Thank you for your support!”