Baldwyn, Saltillo gas prices highest in the area


Booneville prices edge near $2.00 per gallon even at brand-name retailers.

Baldwyn – Gas prices across the United States have been on a general decline for the past month. While that news is good, drivers in Baldwyn, Guntown and Saltillo are still paying rates higher than their fellow motorists in Booneville and Tupelo.

Though it may be hard to see here, ethanol-included regular gasoline is advertised for $2.279 per gallon at a Chevron on Fourth Street in Baldwyn on Wednesday morning. News photo/Jason Collum

A survey Wednesday by The Baldwyn News of gas prices in Prentiss and Lee counties found prices for a regular, non-discounted gallon of gas as much as 24 cents per gallon higher in Baldwyn and north Lee County than in the larger cities to the north and south.

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in Baldwyn on Wednesday was $2.26, including the non-branded gasoline at Baldwyn Mini-Mart. Saltillo’s gas price average was $2.27, with the Chevron at Mobile Street and 3rd Avenue outpacing all local gas stations at $2.299 for a gallon of regular gas.

Guntown’s prices were slightly cheaper at an average price of $2.249, led by the Exxon at Hwy. 45 and Mitchell Road at $2.239.

Meanwhile, drivers in Booneville were paying lower rates than any other locale during the survey. While it was most expensive at an Exxon on South 2nd Street, at $2.099 per gallon it was significantly less expensive there. Fuel prices were even lower at discount retailers Dodge’s and Murphy USA, with a gallon of regular gas running as low as $2.059 per gallon between them.

Tupelo prices were a little more difficult to peg as there are more options, but according to a sight survey and a sampling of prices available at, the average price of a gallon of gas in Tupelo was $2.23, with fuel running as low as $2.139 and $2.169 at discounters Sam’s Club and Murphy USA, respectively.

The least expensive gas in Mississippi on Wednesday was in McComb for $2.019 per gallon.