Baldwyn PD March activity report


BALDWYN – The Baldwyn Police Department reported the following crimes and statistics for March 2019.          

  • Accident, leaving the scene, Attended 1
  • Careless Driving 2
  • Contempt of Court  1
  • Domestic Violence 1
  • Driver’s License None or Expired 4
  • Driver’s License Suspended 6
  • Driving on the Wrong Side  1
  • DUI  5
  • No Proof of Liability Insurance 6
  • Speeding 5
  • Stop Sign, Running  5
  • Tag: None, Expired, Covered, Improper 5
  • Trespassing 1
  • Shoplifting 1
  • Warrants 2

Other reports

  • BPD officers were called to Pratts Street concerning a white male suspect who was running around outside naked and eating wood; acting incontrollable. Officers handcuffed him and took him to NMMC.
  • City Hall was called concerning a recently installed culvert install on Fernwood that was on fire. Witnesses stated the person dwelling on the property was seen burning his beer boxes outside which burned the grass and culvert. 
  • A Cemetery Street resident went to her daughter’s home to tell her what her grandson had been doing while his mother was at work. The grandson begin cursing his grandmother. His mother demanded him to stop disrespecting her mother in her home. The suspect then turned on his mother who was holding her baby. The grandmother took the baby and the grandson then took a knife and threatened the grandmother. Officers were called to the residence. 
  • Officers were called to a domestic violence case on Oakwood Cove.A female reported she was assaulted by her boyfriend who pulled a knife on her. The victim had scratches on her face, neck, under her right eye, under her left ear and left jaw, along with a bruised nose. She stated to officers she was in fear of her life. Officers took the male into custody.
  • Officer responded to a call where a male reported he was riding as a passenger in a car going north on Hwy 45 close to Innocor as the driver asked for his cell phone. He gave it to him and then the driver put a gun to the back of his head. The passenger escaped from the vehicle running up a hill. He heard four gunshots and saw the dirt moving on the ground close to him where the bullets hit. He looked back and saw the driver taking off. 
  • A 15 year old female reported she was babysitting three children on CR 3681 when the mother came home intoxicated and asked if she would spend the night to watch the children as he was impaired. She asked if she could have the Mt. Dew in the cup on the table and  she said yes. She found out it was an alcoholic beverage. She woke up later to find she tied up and a towel in her mouth while a male was sexually assaulting her. He escaped through a window. The female kicked on the walls and the children’s mother came to her aid and called 911.

If anyone has any information regarding these crimes, please call Baldwyn Police Department at 365-1047. For all emergencies, dial 911.