Bullet grazes student at BHS softball practice


The student was not seriously injured, but did require treatment.

Baldwyn – Police are trying to determine the origin of a bullet that hit a Baldwyn student Monday while she was practicing on the softball field at Latimer Park.

According to the Baldwyn School District, the student was treated for minor injuries after she was hit by the bullet, which seemingly just fell from the sky around 4:30 p.m. on March 25.

“Local law enforcement have been notified,” Superintendent Jason McKay said in a statement. “The isolated incident is currently under investigation. This matter is being taken very seriously due to the utmost importance of our students’ safety at all times.”

Police Chief Troy Agnew speculated the bullet could have come from someone shooting at a bird. The bullet is believed to have come from a 9mm pistol and, according to an entry in the NRA Firearms Fact Book, could have come, if fired at a 45 degree angle, from as much as a 1.5 miles away. Depending upon the angle and many other factors, it could have been fired much closer to the ball fields.

Discharging a firearm inside the Baldwyn City Limits is against the law. The case remains under investigation.