Bill for Hwy. 370 designations honors three from Pratts Community


A portion of the highway is being designated to honor Leland Burcham, Dalen Thomas and Lenoise Davidson

Pratts Community – Under House Bill No. 724 during this month’s legislative session, the legislature passed an act to designate a segment of Mississippi Highway 370 in Lee County as the “Dalen Keith Thomas Memorial Highway,” “Leland L.R. Burcham Memorial Highway,” and an intersection of the same highway as “Lenoise Davidson Memorial Intersection.”

Dalen Thomas was a resident of the highway and was killed while boarding a school bus on October 31, 2018. His parents Jeremy and Miranda Thomas and sister, Kylie, still reside their today.

Leland Burcham was a resident of the Pratts Community in which he led multiple community endeavors along Highway 370 and at the Pratts Community Center located on the highway. His wife still resides in the community today. 

Lenoise Davidson was also a former resident of the Pratts community and was killed in a car accident at the intersection of Highway 370 and County Road 2788. 

Under this bill the Mississippi Department of Transportation will be responsible for erecting and maintaining signage for these three designated areas deemed memorials. 

The signage will extend from the intersection of Highway 366 to the intersection of County Road 2788 in memory of Burcham. The intersection of Highway 370 and County Road 2788 will include signage for Davidson. The section of Highway 370 from intersection County Road 2788 to the intersection of County Road 1503 will include signage for Thomas. 

“We want to thank the legislature and everyone involved in this memorial effort to Dalen. We truly appreciate them helping keep Dalen’s memory and the other residents’ memory alive. I know Dalen’s response would be ‘Nailed it!’” Miranda Thomas noted. 

The act will take effect on July 1, 2019. Signage will be erected on a date after this time.