Baldwyn Police Department reports October 2017 activity


The Baldwyn Police Department reported the following crimes and statistics for October 2017.

  • Stop sign, running: 1
  • Driver’s license none/expired: 1
  • Speeding: 5
  • No proof of insurance: 2
  • Failure to stop for emergency vehicle: 1
  • Warrant: 2
  • Disturbing the peace: 1
  • Contempt of court: 1

“Thank you for showing support and helping us keep our neighborhoods safe. Please remember to watch for traffic and school buses as school is still in session,” Chief Troy Agnew said.

Other reports

A female resident of Baldwyn stated a male called and threatened to run his 2000 F150 Ford truck through her apartment because he wanted her dead.

A complainant stated a suspect went to the Social Sercurity Office and had her address changed without her permission and she has not recieved her benefit check for October.

Food Giant reported a repeat suspect took two ribeyes and proceeded to try to sell them in the parking lot. Suspect was pursued to Second Street where he dropped the package of ribeyes and was last seen running into the woods behind the park.

Chevron on Ripley Road reported a breaking and entering. The door had been broken by a brick. A cash register tray was taken containing approximately $100 in cash along with several brands of cigarettes.

A resident of Main Street reported her son had broken the back glass door of her apartment and threw the television down. She stated he threatened to cut her and his two brothers. The suspect ripped his car title up and slashed the front right passenger tire of his vehicle.

A female called 911 to report a man/her estranged husband beating and kicking her door trying to get in. When she informed him the police were on their way, he left. Police stopped him as he was leaving the scene. Female stated she was afraid of him and had already been to a safe house to get away from him.

A wreck was reported on N. 4th street. Police arrived to find the driver walking around his truck. The driver had picked up his granddaughter at school and admitted to consuming 4 or 5 beers about 45 minutes before arriving at the school. The driver was taken into custody.

A resident of N. Second Street reported a male was inappropriately touching his daughter when his daughter came for weekend visitations.

A 911 call was made to come to 633 S. Second Street as there was a male body laying face down in a pool of blood. Officers found the victim unresponsive, secured the scene and brought in investigators.

Baldwyn Police Officers took three juveniles into custody and charged them with capital murder. The teenagers were taken to the Lee County Jail and each are being held on $1,000,000 bond.

To report any information concerning these crimes, please contact Baldwyn Police Department at 365-1047. For all emergencies, dial 911.