American Legion dedicates new sign at Baldwyn Veterans Park


Demi Roberts & Lena Knight » Staff Writers

Leaders and members of the American Legion gathered Saturday, Oct. 26, at the Baldwyn Memorial Park to witness the dedication of their new sign.

Those present for the dedication included Women’s Auxiliary President, Teresa Pannell, Legion Commander, Charles Simmons, Sons of the American Legion President, Jeffery “Neal” Roberts, and local boy scouts, Damyan Roberts and Tucker Roberts, as well as other members.

“We have several volunteers working together to make our veterans’ park great. We are so proud of these people who are willing honor our local veterans and show them we care,” Baldwyn Veterans’ Park chairperson Bob Glover said.

Mr. Terry Lee Roberts, a local veteran, gave a brief speech during which he thanked those who had served and also stated that during all of his years of service, he had not been to a nation that had not benefited from the services that America provided for those countries.

Mr. Roberts also quoted John 15:13, “Greater love hath no man this, that a man that lay down his life for his friends.” The verse is featured on the veteran’s memorial.

Those interested in honoring a veteran on the memorial may purchase a 12 x 12 marble square for $40. If you would like to honor more than one veteran, you can have two names placed on one square for $50. The memorial will include the veteran’s name, rank, branch of service, dates of service, and any distinguished services, as well as notable services such as P.O.W and M.I.A. If you are interested in purchasing a square on the memorial wall, you may pick up a form at the Baldwyn News office or contact Bob Glover at 365-3696.

In the last year three new flag poles have been added to the park to allow for each of three flags on site to have its own pole. Recently, lighting for the monument and flag poles was added and repaired.

The military tank has been moved, and a military archived helicopter has been applied for by the volunteers. Plans include placing the helicopter at the veterans’ park as another form of honoring local veterans.

At this time the fountain is not operating due to low water levels in the lake. Glover noted that with anticipated rainfall, water levels should rise and the fountain can become operational again.

The Ladies Auxiliary group also plans to complete the restoring of the monument plaques and monument wall by sanding and refilling engravings with paint.

“Thank you so much to all those who have helped so far with these projects. And thank you to the city of Baldwyn for supporting our efforts. Our plans are not complete, but more groups and volunteers are needed to help us honor our veterans with this park,” Glover added.